terça-feira, 22 de março de 2011

I'm Back!

I guess I'm not exactly back home, but I'm back to my country.
At first time, it seems a little sad, but it's not: I'm completely happy getting back to my country, get in touch with my friends and specially my family. In fact I'm not excited to return to the routine of my University here in Brazil, And I think it's a normal thing since you start seeing and doing so many things and realize that are so many others you can do.
but what is the good thing about the university is that I returned to finish it, to be able to start a new thing then, look for other destinies.

Yeah I'm back to Brazil!, since all those hard and lovely days in Argentina.
For those who don't know, I went there studying the language, a little about their culture and I went there studying Movies.
And at the middle I realized how next we brazilians are to ours neighbors and
Then I understood how closely we all are from all other world people. How we do have some same questions an wanting, how we can talk one same language using different ones.

It's awesome how you start understanding your own country and specially yourself. It’s a little scary when you also realized that you are lonelly, without your own culture and you have to assume a behavior that I guess, every man out of his own country had already passed trhough: You become a new “Child”, you have to learn new languages, as the body language for example. You have to assume a posture position that is “open to all this everything new”. I don’t have enough argument to explain it now, but I felt like everything was so so new, that the trip was almost like a Reborn.

To finish, the very best days during those 6 mouths there, were in january, when I went to the extreme north of the country, almost got into Bolivia and Chile. And there I saw the most beautiful mountains I've ever seen in my life. I went into the Andes, saw some magic places like "Iruya", "La Serrania del Hornocal" and "La Quebrada de Humauaca", and knew a part of an awesome people, the Andines.

- some little colorful things I collected from the North of Argentina.

I'm really loving the idea to live in another country during the next year or the other one while I'm gonna do my Post Graduation. But now, at the moment I’m saving time and money till I finish my studies in Visual Arts here at Unicamp in Brazil.

And Please if you have the chance to get in on a Trip, to somewhere in the world, to a big city, to the country, to any near or far state, or a city of your own country, don't miss it. To me tripping is like constructing a big big ship with all the immaterial things you can bring from all these places you go. And the more full the ship become, more you can go sailing anywhere everywhere you can imagine go to.

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