terça-feira, 23 de abril de 2013

The white whale - Lou loup new blog

Hello everyone!

After a long time with no posting at all, I´m starting a new daily blog.


It will be a blog with illustrations related to dreams I use to have. Aside sharing these files, my point is to find people that somehow got in touch with this oniric images (not exactly these I´ll be sharing, but somethig related).

"The White Whale" is the first of the serie.

segunda-feira, 25 de julho de 2011

Hans Hans Hauschka

Olá a todos!

Gostaria de apresenta-los a Hans Hans Hauscka, um velho soldado escalado pra participar do nosso Circo de Personagens. Sua função no espetáculo é a de atirador de maças. Enquanto montamos seu palco, aproveite pra ve-lo com sua adorada espingarda anos 30.

Um grande abraço a todos!


Hello Everybody!

I'm here to present you the new member of our Cirque, the old soldier Hans Hans Hauschka. The "Apple shooter" will be his part in the spectacle. So, while we fix the stage. You can see him with his weapon, a rifle from the '30.

Big hug!

Hans hans Hauschka
Foi feito em porcelna fria (biscuit), pelúcia e tecido.
R$120 + envio

Qualquer outra informação me escreva: thassymagalhaes@gmail.com


was made in cold porcelain, fabric and plush.
Size 20cm x 25cm
US$80 + shipping costs


any further information contact me at: thassymagalhaes@gmail.com

terça-feira, 22 de março de 2011

I'm Back!

I guess I'm not exactly back home, but I'm back to my country.
At first time, it seems a little sad, but it's not: I'm completely happy getting back to my country, get in touch with my friends and specially my family. In fact I'm not excited to return to the routine of my University here in Brazil, And I think it's a normal thing since you start seeing and doing so many things and realize that are so many others you can do.
but what is the good thing about the university is that I returned to finish it, to be able to start a new thing then, look for other destinies.

Yeah I'm back to Brazil!, since all those hard and lovely days in Argentina.
For those who don't know, I went there studying the language, a little about their culture and I went there studying Movies.
And at the middle I realized how next we brazilians are to ours neighbors and
Then I understood how closely we all are from all other world people. How we do have some same questions an wanting, how we can talk one same language using different ones.

It's awesome how you start understanding your own country and specially yourself. It’s a little scary when you also realized that you are lonelly, without your own culture and you have to assume a behavior that I guess, every man out of his own country had already passed trhough: You become a new “Child”, you have to learn new languages, as the body language for example. You have to assume a posture position that is “open to all this everything new”. I don’t have enough argument to explain it now, but I felt like everything was so so new, that the trip was almost like a Reborn.

To finish, the very best days during those 6 mouths there, were in january, when I went to the extreme north of the country, almost got into Bolivia and Chile. And there I saw the most beautiful mountains I've ever seen in my life. I went into the Andes, saw some magic places like "Iruya", "La Serrania del Hornocal" and "La Quebrada de Humauaca", and knew a part of an awesome people, the Andines.

- some little colorful things I collected from the North of Argentina.

I'm really loving the idea to live in another country during the next year or the other one while I'm gonna do my Post Graduation. But now, at the moment I’m saving time and money till I finish my studies in Visual Arts here at Unicamp in Brazil.

And Please if you have the chance to get in on a Trip, to somewhere in the world, to a big city, to the country, to any near or far state, or a city of your own country, don't miss it. To me tripping is like constructing a big big ship with all the immaterial things you can bring from all these places you go. And the more full the ship become, more you can go sailing anywhere everywhere you can imagine go to.

sexta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2010

Commission Status openned

This is Agnes, a goat I´m working on for Cassie Barden.
This is one of the "CareBear like" commission I recieved. Most of them are going to fly to their owners homes before the Christmans Holiday. So hurry up if you would like to recieve your original artwork at the end of the year.

check out my deviantart page for more informations about furry and Anthro illustration:

Commission Informations

gallery page
Deviantart Gallery

hug! and Thank you for the support!

sábado, 16 de outubro de 2010

Shy Bear Bowl

Clay Bowl with 13,5 cm diameter / 4 cm of profundity

US$38 + shipping costs
(I accept paypal)

domingo, 10 de outubro de 2010

Che Chejov - SOLD


Chejov was made in cold porcelain, felt and plush.
Hes almost 20cm x 26cm
US$65 + shipping costs


any other information contact me at: thassymagalhaes@gmail.com


Hello Everybody

This is Chejov, a Wolf Bear kind, son of a second idea I had during one of mine classes.

For those who don't know me. My name is Tassi, or you can call me "Tas". I am an Art Student from Brasil, and actually,
I'm on an interchange program, living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Im going to stay here for almost 6 months.
It have been pretty good, I like the sun, the spirit and the movement of the city, the art route they have. I love the large streets, the weather, the cordiality, the touch they have with their past. But in a little way, all of the time I got a way home to my own country, just looking by these streets and their people. I know Sao paulo, or even the city I'm from don't have this space, this same french architecture. I know that in my country the people don't have this same faces. But, while I put my eyes on then, I'm pretty sure I can't do it before putting my own eyes on then all. I mean, I put my childhood and growing memories in it.

Well, the fact is: After living here, by almost 3 months, studying the castellano language and doing some classes of cinema, I'm already getting the enthusiastic back before a long time of adaptation.
I started to produce again, and specially because I discovered it lasted me only a few ways to get in touch with my family and friends. I mean, I'm discovering how is it to be in another space and time of action from the people you love. I discovered how I am in a dependence with the words, letters, alphabetic signals, images between my people and I, and how I should start using the means I had in my own hands to solve this problem.

I started producing new drawings, new objects and Ive been also writing a lot.
And one of the things I stated to do was some animals, exactly plush animals. I decided to do then to help me while I'm living here.
And for those, who don't know my art and illustration work, It's really strange for me to don't think in animals while I'm doing something. This is a little illustration of what I'm saying:

Lou loup gallery on Flickr

Or you can see some of my online galleries too:
Thas Carbonmade
Thassy Deviantart.com

So that, I decided
to start work on those animals images, maybe they could help with a problem I brought here to Buenos Aires. I'm without a computer since those days I was leaving Brasil, I was robbed there, and till nowadays I could not buy another computer.




Che Chejov

The photos were taken by my friend "Flor", who is helping me out with the blog, photos and her friendship.

big hug everyone
And thanks for the visit
Welcome to the map of paws!